Andersson Niepoky Mrs. Danielle Elms Journalism F 14 February 2017 Switching It Up: Procrastinating Procrastination For one whole week, I went without procrastinating any schoolwork to see how it would affect my life. Everyone procrastinates; the people who say they don’t are liars. I wondered what it would be like to go for a whole […]

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Kathmandu, Nepal — Andersson Niepoky, 75, died Tuesday, February 21, 2077 after falling off the mountain while climbing Mount Everest.   He leaves his wife of 51 years, Allison (Walker) Niepoky; his son, John Niepoky and his daughter, Catherine Niepoky; his cousin, Nicole Blackburn; 4 grandchildren, and many other good friends.   Born and raised […]

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Immersion Project

Day 1: 2-6-17 Progress- I am one day in to my immersion project and so far so good. I’ve been able to get a lot of work done and now have a lot of free time. Success- Today I finished all my math hw, physics hw, english hw, and now doing this entry for my […]

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Observation Assignment

Journalism Observation Story: Suspicious Activity It was just a normal day in the STEM building until Gary Frick Jr. III showed up. Will Mrs. Elms and Andersson be able to stop him? It was a chilly Friday afternoon on February 3rd. It seemed like a normal day but nothing is ever as it seems. Mrs. […]

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Immersion Mission Statement

Date and Time of Immersion: Start and Finish February 6 2017 February 11 2017 Mission Statement- For my immersion project, I plan to quit procrastinating for one entire school week. In doing so, I hope to learn to be better at managing my time. In order to ensure success I will document my progress, successes, […]

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Immersion Ideas

Avoiding at all costs: Giving sugary drinks for a week Giving up my phone for a full day. Giving up Netflix for a week Not knowing when to stop: Don’t complain for a week Don’t procrastinate for a week Don’t talk for a day Diving in: Becoming vegan for a week Becoming vegetarian for a […]

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