Observation Assignment

Journalism Observation Story: Suspicious Activity

It was just a normal day in the STEM building until Gary Frick Jr. III showed up. Will Mrs. Elms and Andersson be able to stop him?

It was a chilly Friday afternoon on February 3rd. It seemed like a normal day but nothing is ever as it seems. Mrs. Elms had sent me on a recon mission out by the turf of the STEM building to look for any suspicious activity. It was a relatively quiet ignoring the steady hum coming from the maintenance workers machines. Nothing of interest was going on until suddenly moments after Father Bailey exited the STEM, an strange man who seemed eerily familiar walked in pushing a cart full of new apple computers. The peculiar thing about him was that he was sweating in this weather that must have been near 40 degrees. Immediately, I identified him as a person of interest and followed him into the STEM building. I tip toed behind him following at a safe distance all the way into the admissions office where he finally paused to check on the cargo he was carrying. After he stood back up, I recognized him as Gary Frick Jr. III a secret agent from Latvia known for his contradictory name and specialization in bomb making. Realizing that the computers were actually lethal explosives in disguise, I immediately notified Mrs. Elms and triggered the silent alarms in the STEM. The police would be on there way soon but we’d have to neutralize the threat quickly and quietly before Gary became suspicious and wired the computers for an early detonation. I met up with Mrs. Elms at the bottom of the steps in the STEM to discuss our plan of action. She swiftly and methodically came up with the plan to have her her flank out to the left and incapacitate Gary while I disarmed the bombs. We then rushed back over to the admissions offices to stop Mr. Frick Jr. III. Mrs. Elms kicked open the doors instantly grabbing Gary’s attention. She then quadruple back flipped into a karate kick hitting Gary right in the stomach sending him flying into the secretary’s desk. Seeing my window of opportunity, I ran over to the computer bombs quickly locating the keypad used to arm and disarm the bombs but the countdown had already started. We had less than one minute to stop the detonation. Seeing that Mrs. Elms was holding her own as she necked Gary Frick Jr. III into next year, I knew that it was all up to me. I tried every logical combination into the keypad I thought possible but nothing seemed to do the trick. The countdown clock was now down to 10. I was running out of ideas. Finally, as one last effort to disarm the bombs, I entered the code “1234” thinking to myself, “there’s no way he’s this stupid!” It worked! The bombs were disarmed just in the nick of time. Later, the cops showed up and took Gary away to some prison far, far away. Later that month we were flown to Washington D.C. to receive medals of honor courtesy of the President of the United States, Billy Small also known as the former head coach of the Holy Innocents 8th grade boys basketball team. The End.


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