Immersion Project

Day 1: 2-6-17


I am one day in to my immersion project and so far so good. I’ve been able to get a lot of work done and now have a lot of free time.


Today I finished all my math hw, physics hw, english hw, and now doing this entry for my immersion project.


During Study Hall today i couldn’t help but play some games on my phone in between hw for classes because i got tired of doing so much school work.


Not procrastinating is hard like today i got a head ache cause i was so tired of doing school work and just wanted to relax but i persevered and finished all my work and now i have a lot of free time left over so that is a plus.

Day 2: 2-7-17


Today, I was easier than yesterday, especially cause i didnt have t do two days worth of homework.


I completed my French study guide that was assigned today and studied for my math quiz that was assigned today.


Today i had weightroom and couldn’t do my homework until later.


I don’t like it so far cause far cause its a lot work.

Day 3: 2-8-17


Today, I finished my math homework as well as studying for my AP HUG quiz however I didn’t do it until a little bit later because I had a headache.


I finished my math homework and APHUG studying but I didn’t have that much work in all to do.


I did not start my homework until later in the day.


I think I might have regressed a little bit today.

Day 4: 2-9-17

Progress- Today, I finished a lot of homework during school and had little to do at home.

Success- I completer my science homework in class and did my membean quiz along with knocking out 20 minutes of membean and answering Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Questions.

Failures- I practiced some golf today before starting my homework because tryouts are coming up but it delayed the starting of my homework.

Thoughts- When I don’t procrastinate, I have a lot more time to do the things I like later and do not have to stress.

Day 5: 2-10-17

Progress- Although it was Friday, i finished some little parts of my homework so when Sunday night came I did not have much.

Success- I finished my membean today and completed my Romeo and Juliet Study Guide.

Failures- Because it was Friday, I waited a little later in the day to start this.

Thoughts- This week was hard but I hope i use more of these habits more often because it made the school week easier with less work to do on the later dates.



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