Andersson Niepoky

Mrs. Danielle Elms

Journalism F

14 February 2017

Switching It Up: Procrastinating Procrastination

For one whole week, I went without procrastinating any schoolwork to see how it would affect my life.

Everyone procrastinates; the people who say they don’t are liars. I wondered what it would be like to go for a whole week without procrastination. So, that’s exactly what I did.

Be me. Imagine sitting at your desk for hours just fiddling with your phone doing absolutely nothing of worth when all of a sudden, “Oh ****.” Its 12:00. You have math homework, an English essay, science worksheets, and a French quiz all due tomorrow and none of its even been touched yet. You frantically rush through pages of textbooks, workbooks, and packets not knowing which is which just trying to get an answer down to say you did it. You spend your remaining waning attention trying to decide which problems can be left blank and which can be done in study hall. This is no way to tackle your schoolwork especially with sports after school almost every day, but this is me at least a couple nights a week. I often times find myself in this situation when after long days at school I just lack the motivation to get up and be productive. This happens too often that I hate to say it but it has become a habit. A bad one if I may add. This is textbook procrastinating and I am a practitioner.

Procrastination can be best defined as “the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.” Sadly, this is a reality for many Americans and people across the globe. Procrastination is a problem that affects over 90% of American students. In my personal opinion, I am definitely a chronic procrastinator. I even procrastinated this paper on procrastination. I feel like when teachers say, “this is not an assignment you can do the night before,” I see it as a challenge not the actual helpful tip it is. Procrastinators like me often tell ourselves that we “work better under pressure,” “need to be in the right mood or be inspired to do this work,” “I need three to four uninterrupted hours for this,” and last but certainly not the least “Ill do it tomorrow.” However we all secretly know in our subconscious that none of those will probably ever happen and it will just end in a last minute cram session. I do not like nor do I want to procrastinate, but it is just so easy to relapse into my old, bad habits. In order to hopefully break some of these bad study habits and attempt to overcome my chronic procrastination, for my immersion project, I decided that it would be most beneficial for me to attempt to go for a week without procrastinating any school assignments. This meaning that I would complete everything the day it was assigned and have it ready to turn in. Although I knew it would be hard, I also saw it as the most positive option for me considering not only would it be an interesting experiment but also helpful to me in my every day life. And just after selecting my topic, came February 6th, the first day of my immersion.

Monday February 6th, I always hated Mondays. Monday you always had to come back to school and everything is just gloomy and dull. This Monday was different however. It was the first day of my no procrastinating immersion experiment. I can’t say I was looking forward to it but I was excited for the positive change it would make in my week. On the first day overall I just got a lot of work done early and out of the way and it gave me a lot of free time to do the things I usually do when I’m procrastinating but after all my work was done and it wasn’t harmful to me in anyway. I finished all my math homework in class, completed my physics homework in advisory, and was able to finish my immersion progress notes for the day all by 4 o’clock. I did however regrettably play some games on my phone during study hall but regardless I ended up finishing my work in time. Today was tough though I just wanted to sit back and relax the whole day and I got a headache from focusing extremely hard the whole school day but I finished all of my work early which was nice and had all the free time I wanted at the end of the day.

Day Two. Tuesday was easier than Monday during that week because I feel like I guess I gotten into more of a rhythm. Also because, On Monday, I finished the work due Tuesday and Wednesday following the guidelines of doing everything the day its assigned, I didn’t have two nights worth of homework to do on Tuesday. Anyways, Tuesday I completed my French Study Guide for my upcoming test and studied for my math quiz that was on Friday that was assigned that day. I guess one failure of that day for my experiment could be that I had weight room after school. However, that only lasted until 4:30 though and I was able to start my homework just after and that wasn’t actually something I’d be able to get out of. After completing the days work, I still found some satisfaction in completing all my studies early, but I still wasn’t feeling the whole no procrastinating thing. It was just hard to stay focused that long for me and it’s a lot of work to keep it up.

Day three. Wednesday the 8th was a bad day in accordance to the guidelines I had set for myself at the beginning of the week. I still got my studying done for my AP Human Geography quiz including reading my textbook, but I didn’t start that until later today. I only actually started being productive around after 6 o’clock, which was unjustified because I didn’t have anything in the afternoon that needed my attention besides watching TV and eating snacks. All in all on the positive side for me, at least I didn’t have a whole lot of homework that needed to be done that day. Because of this, I didn’t fall behind from a homework standpoint. However, I feel like I may have regressed rather than progressed in my immersion.

Day 4. Thursday the 9th was a better day than the last. On the bright side, I finished almost all of my homework at school during study hall that way I didn’t have a whole lot to do once I got home. I finished my science homework in class that day and did my Membean quiz and Romeo and Juliet Study Guide all in study hall. After school I went to play some golf in preparation for tryouts, which would be coming up next week. This although beneficial for my golf game, delayed the starting of my sixty minutes of Membean until after 7 o’clock. Today I felt better about my week of no procrastinating and its nice that I have a lot of time do more things I like after I am done with my work, and I don’t have to stress for any assignments like quizzes or tests when I’ve been studying throughout the whole week.

Day 5, the last day of my immersion. I woke up excited that I could be done with my immersion at the end of the day. Today I focused hard during school and knocked out a lot of homework in class, which I was extremely grateful for later on Sunday night. After school, even though it was Friday, I worked on some of my math homework a little bit after school in preparation for Sunday night when after my immersion ended today, I felt like I wouldn’t be doing any more homework until later Sunday night. However, because it was Friday, I didn’t start doing any work until later in the day. Today was also difficult knowing I would be done soon but I still had to wait until the end of the day.

After this week, I wish I made stuck with a lot of these habits but they were good for the week. I definitely enjoyed getting all my work done early cause I had a lot of free time to do more stuff I wanted to do. I needed to learn some better habits and doing this definitely helped me see what it was like to do this for a week in case I ever wanted to use these habits again later on in the future sometime when I need to do it. All in all, I did learn a lot of helpful time management tips. I would probably recommend not procrastinating to anyone willing to try it but it is quite hard to stick with it as I found out his week and now later on to now where I’ve sadly relapsed back into my old habits. Through this immersion project I learned that not procrastinating is remarkably beneficial to your school work and grades, de-stresses you, and give you a lot more time do the things you want to do just after you finish your work instead of before.


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