Kathmandu, Nepal — Andersson Niepoky, 75, died Tuesday, February 21, 2077 after falling off the mountain while climbing Mount Everest.


He leaves his wife of 51 years, Allison (Walker) Niepoky; his son, John Niepoky and his daughter, Catherine Niepoky; his cousin, Nicole Blackburn; 4 grandchildren, and many other good friends.


Born and raised in Atlanta, the son of Eli and Mark Niepoky, he later moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and then California.


In his early years, Mr. Niepoky found interest in many sports including basketball, baseball, and golf. After graduating from Holy Innocents Episcopal School in 2020, he attended William & Mary graduating in 2024 en route to becoming an excellent dentist winning the William J. Gies Award. He met his wife Allison Walker at William & Mary and they were married in 2026. In 2028, he started his own dental practice in Boston, Massachusetts.


Niepoky made a good living as a dentist and met and made many new friends through his business. After watching his dental office grow for over 40 years Niepoky left the practice to become a full time golf instructor in Pebble Beach, California as golf was one of his many passions growing up.


Using all the money from his dental practice, Niepoky and his family were frequent travelers visiting the likes of France, Spain, and Great Britain. At the end of his life Niepoky went to Mount Everest in an attempt to summit it however this would be his last trip.


A funeral service was held Friday, February 12th at St John’s Baptist Church in Pebble Beach, California.


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