Profile: Eli Niepoky

When Eli Niepoky thinks back on her life she recalls her interesting childhood with her quirky dad and her unorthodox path. Her Mom was a teacher and her Dad was a physicist. Both being rather odd, this gave her a curious childhood. Niepoky often tells about the embarrassing things they would do like telling her […]

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New York Times News Quiz

6/10 on quiz Article Summary: Wintry Blast in Greece Imperils Refugees in Crowded Camps Refugees in Greece were hit with arctic conditions coming as far south as the Mediterranean last week. The refugees are stranded in perilous conditions up there in the cold in overcrowded camps. The ice and snow up there are “unbearable” according […]

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Nursery Rhyme Research:

  Secret History of Nursery Rhymes Nursery Rhymes and Their Origins NAME OF RHYME: Hey Diddle Diddle HISTORICAL TIME/DATE: The first known date of the publication of the Hey Diddle Diddle Rhyme is 1765. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Its historical significance is that the term “Hey Diddle Diddle” was used in many of Shakespeare works.     […]

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Story Corps Story Ideas

“What was it like to be pregnant with me in jail?” How long do babies stay on Rikers Island? Whats it like growing up on Rikers Island? Whats it like being a mom in jail? Opiate addiction Section of jail for moms and their kids What are the conditions like at the jail for the […]

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Current Events Quiz

Question 10: Article Summary Dylan Roofs Trial Article by WSJ This article is about Dylan S. Roof the murderer from the killing spree he went on at an African-American church in 2015 in Charleston South Carolina. The article speaks about his trial and all of the witnesses called to the stand and their heart ripping […]

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